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eed more like that, whether as allies or enemies. Things must be stirred; too many people are careless of who wins.” He stood up

and began to pace the floor slowly, head thrust forward a little, hands behind him. “Listen

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, Bergelin, I will be wholly frank with you. We held a m

eeting of the High Center this afternoon, following the session.” Ro

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dvard said; “Are the names of its membe

rs still a secret, except for yourself?” Mathurin gave a snort. “

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They will not be long, for things have

so fallen out that the High Center and the Council of Regency will be one

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. You will have guessed that Brose

n Zelitza of Arjen is one, there’s the best speaker in Dossola. General Stegaller; he’s in c

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We know what it takesto be the leader

harge of the recruit bureau technically, but is really organizing what will be a people’s army. It may surprise you to know that your old friend Mme. Kaja is a member; a wonderful woman for handling matters of

detail, and we have to have one of her sex because of our position about the Art, but I could wish it were someone beside her, she’s so religious.” Lalette made a little sound; Rodvard caught sight of her face (and knew she was about to burst into one of her

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angers). “Will no one tell me what has become of Doctor Remigorius?” he asked (hoping to forestall the outburst). Mathurin’s pacing stopped. “I forgiv


e you and will tell you, but if you wish health, you will not mention him again. Rat, spy, tool; he has fled to his employer, Prince Pavinius—but he will

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